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Horse Health Tips

During the normal course of life many horses suffer injuries and we’ve certainly seen our share of nasty wounds. Far and away the best topical wound healing product I have ever used is Schreiners Herbal Solution. It is all natural and really works well. We have used it on several horses who were beginning to develop proud flesh and when using Schreiners as recommended, the herbal topical treatment seemed to melt it away.

Here are three pictures of Rainbow, a mare who was bitten on the withers by another horse on approximately May 12th, 2009. She looked pretty much like she had been in a pen with a Saber Tooth Tiger instead of on an 80-acre pasture.

The horse that bit her, bit through three of the dorsal spinous processes on the top of three vertebrae. Rainbow was really a mess, and I seriously considered euthanizing her. Since I have had such good luck with using Schreiners Herbal Solution for wound healing therapy that I began to spray her twice a day and debride the scab every week. As you can see from these photographs, she has had dramatic improvement.

It’s March of 2010 now and she is completely healed and I believe she will be rideable this spring. I have cautioned her to stay away from whomever got after her last spring.

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