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Forco for Dogs & Cats?

Happy Dog!

Forco is/was originally developed for horses but many pet owners feed it to their dogs and cats because, as many of them have insisted, Forco helps keep their dogs, cats, even birds, stay healthy.  This comes as no surprise since humans and animals require much the same nutrients and good bacteria in their digestive systems for maintaining a healthy gut. Some folks even attribute feeding Forco to their animals as responsible for solving other problems besides digestive issues; for example, people who raise chickens have said feeding Forco to their birds has stopped feather picking. Interesting!

“Fuzz” loves eating Forco mixed into her food every day!

By the way, if you’ve had personal experience with feeding Forco to your other-than-equine animals let me know and I’ll share your good words with others as well. After all, we all want our critters to be healthy, don’t we?

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